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Displacement activity

Why have 12 people looked at my blog today? I haven't written anything in it since August... This is not a real blog entry, written for the sake of writing a blog. It's mere displacement activity and what's more, it's displacement activity once removed from whatever it is I should be doing in the first place. You see I should be doing some freelance work - even though I've just finished one client's work there's another that has been hanging around since January like a bad smell in a pub toilet, plus there are some more snapping at my heels. At some point when I actually get some time to properly relax and do nothing (as opposed to doing nothing whilst feeling guilty because I should be doing something) I'll put together some strict terms and conditions and send them out to everyone. Plus I'll have the time to update my own website instead of other people's! But the freelance work isn't what I'm avoiding by writing this. In order to avo