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It's unlikely that anyone is really thinking this—I don't for a second imagine that there's anyone hanging on my every online word—but it may have occurred to some people that I haven't written a blog entry for a while. What has caused this gap in the torrent of words pouring forth from my brain into this arena since 2006? Laziness? Writer's Block? It's neither (not that I don't suffer from both on a regular basis). I have actually been writing elsewhere. Last summer I was lucky enough to have my novel Comeback accepted by a publisher called Unbound . However this didn't mean it was all over bar the editing. Unbound have an unusual business model in that they crowdfund for their production costs before a book can be published. This means that—unlike more traditional publishers in today's understandably risk averse market—they can take chances on books, which is good news for someone like me. At this point I think it is important to clarify a