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Artificial Structures 1: Post Office Towers

Brighton's skyline has changed over the past year as a tower has risen from the ruins of the old West Pier. I'd been aware that this was planned but somehow it never seemed real until the i360 reached its full height and the red light on its summit was suddenly visible from all around the city. And it was only when it did so that I realised it was tapping into something from my childhood, that I was more interested in it than I'd though I would or should be. Because one of the obsessions I had when very young was Towers. It wasn't the first obsession and wouldn't be the last. Over the years I would be obsessed with various subjects from Space Travel to Ants to Doctor Who to the London Underground . Whilst I don't necessarily remember how all of these started, I do recall the origin of the Tower obsession. It was around the time we moved from Birmingham to London. This was a bit of an upheaval for a three year old, especially given that, despite being L