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The hit list

Sorry I haven't written anything for a while; its been a busy time. Anyway, before I come back with a fresh entry here is a list of people who should be shot. Apologies for the swearing. It was worse on the original version of this I posted elsewhere. People who talk about " a month's deposit " in reference to the deposit they pay on rented accommodation. The deposit is paid against any damage to the material of the flat. It has nothing to do with time! Most of the time it is around the same amount as a month's rent, true. But that's all. Shopkeepers who don't offer you a plastic bag until asked and then with extremely bad grace give you a wisp of translucent plastic that evaporates within fifteen seconds spilling your shopping over the pavement. Skinflints (yes, I am fully aware that we should all reuse plastic bags in the interests of being green). People who, whilst doing their shopping in the supermarket, start eating the food before having passed thr