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Jumping at Shadows

It has been of mild annoyance to me recently that I seem to have been having quite interesting dreams and yet before I can get to a keyboard to record them, they evaporate leaving only a sense of their ambience - if I'm lucky a pleasant and exciting one. I have already discussed on this blog why dreams might have to evaporate , but of course that isn't to say that they always do. Sometimes they stick . And sometimes the ones that stick are the nightmares. This is probably advantageous. Vividly remembering frightening things means we avoid repeating them and consequently may live to pass on the genes for vividly remembering frightening things.  The problem comes when dreams are so frightening that they pass this threshold - there's nothing you can do to avoid them and if you're unlucky they will recur  again and again and again... I have already covered the recurring dreams I used to have about the creatures called Dobods . But one foe appeared only once in my dr