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Bad Habits

Another interlude that takes place during the novel I started during 2012's NaNoWriMo containing some more of Wendi's backstory. January 1990 After a while the appeal of working in the record shop began to wane for Wendi. She earned little more than she would have by signing on and had only taken it in the first place to get the Restart people off her back. The free promos from the record company reps were all that kept her going - and she wouldn't be able to get them anywhere else - but finding the money to go to gigs and to rehearse with the nascent band her and Peter were putting together was becoming difficult. In the end SoundStore made the decision for her. A new contract from senior management came round which all staff were obliged to sign. One clause said that all promos received from reps were " the property of SoundStore Ltd " which was a bit of a coincidence given that one of the senior managers had just set up a mail order rare records se