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More cough medicine

In a bid to improve their service, my local medical practice has taken to have a walk-in surgery running alongside the regular appointments system. And since they did so, I've noticed that when I arrive for my appointments (which I continue to make - I like the security a precise time and place gives me) it can take anything from fifteen minutes until a full hour after my actual appointment time before I'm seen - unlike before when I was seen on time or as near as damnit. Obviously this new system is not a good idea then... Still it's not all bad though. There's a TV in there which meant that a couple of visits ago I was able to watch a whole episode of "Murder She Wrote" whilst waiting - not normally something I'd want to do, I'll admit, but it did have Andrew "Garak" Robinson in it, so was entertaining at least. ( Why does my head look so big in this picture? ) However, this morning it was just tuned to the Jeremy Kyle show which I'd ne

Cough medicine

I have a bad cough. And it occurs to me... If, as they claim, the Non-drowsy versions of cough syrups work just as well as the Original versions (i.e. the drowsy versions) then why don't they stop making the Original ? I reckon it's because the Non-drowsy version actually is a bit crap in comparison.