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Once Upon A Time

Want to write your own short fiction but don’t know where to start? Need a novella for that submissions call but don’t have the time to write it? Learning creative writing can be a daunting and time-consuming process… Don’t let that stand in your way - sign up at Fics™ today! No imagination or creative skills are required. With highly engaging narrative templates, simple drag-and-drop protagonists and spectacular world-building features, you’ll be able to create the distinctive tale you want for your own audience. Our syntactic AIs do all of the heavy lifting so you don’t need to let learning any of that complex spelling and grammar get in the way of your unique creative vision. Our dedicated storyline server ensures that all Fics™ narratives you construct are exclusive to your account and free from both plot holes and plagiarism. Change your story’s genre at the click of a mouse with one of our attractive and professional themes. Streamline your scenarios using our plot optimisation l