Dream diary

The first in an occasional series when I can remember and be bothered to record them.

Somehow I had got Siouxsie and the Banshees to do a gig for my birthday on the top floor of Dream RIBA. They'd also stayed at my flat the night before and in honour of that they ad libbed a song about my cat (the lyrics of which just consisted of Siouxsie making cat noises).

Some of this appeared to be happening in Dream Central London. At some point soon I'll expound on my observations of Dream locations and landscapes .and how they're consistent from dream to dream - but remarkably different from their Waking World equivalents. Also about how there seems to be dream continuity - someone in one dream can refer to an event in a previous dream and it makes perfect sense as it happened in the same "world".

Lots of other stuff about packing up the band's equipment and a related segment which also took place in Dream RIBA - me and several colleagues from my current place of work making an undercover raid on Dream RIBA, which ended up with us just about getting away, but with one of us having been killed. Vaguely similar to Reservoir Dogs. We escaped through the streets towards the Post Office Tower. Still standing as opposed to the half-collapsed version that has appeared in several dreams over the past year.


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