LA NotBlog:2

Just to finish off a short account of my week in Los Angeles.

Sunday. Drove with Samantha, kids and D&G to Snow Mountain for sledding and general cold white activity. Impressively high up and deceptively ultraviolet; it was cloudy and so I didn't wear sunblock. As a result I ended up with bad sunburn. At least it's physical evidence I've been away somewhere climactically different. After a while the snow started vanishing. Still an impressive scene though.

Monday I got the bus all the way to Santa Monica. I'd been before, but this time it seemed more crowded. Despite being basically a tropical beach it had something of Brighton about it, despite everything being ten times bigger. I visited the pier, the beach, the pub and Borders bookshop. All of which of course you can indeed do in Brighton. But it was more interesting doing it here.

Tuesday was generally a chilling out ish day. Met Samantha for lunch and then went to watch Darcene's ASL lessons for the children at Wednesday and Alex's school. Followed by a visit to the library and then waiting for a while before meeting Zamantha from work.

Wednesday I flew home - Samantha dropped me off at the airport at around 9am. I arrived back at Gatwick (via Philadelphia) at 9am the next morning. Trains were cancelled. I must have eventually got home late morning. Have been confused and jet-lagged ever since...

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