Psychic Weather

Once again I find I've disappointed myself by not writing anything here for simply ages. And once again I must insist that it's not a case of writer's block – I haven't even got far enough to discover whether I'm suffering from that particular ailment. No, the problem is that I'm still under the thrall of a spell of extreme busyness (as opposed to business). Luckily things now seem to be easing off – just ever so slightly.

Nevertheless, this has been one of my busiest periods ever, especially regarding the freelance workload. I had – well actually still have – a couple of largish projects on the go which were taking up most of the time I normally allocate to this sort of stuff. And then, all of a sudden, after a silence of over two years, old clients came crawling out of the woodwork en masse like an infestation of termites demanding further work and updates to projects I'd created for them in the past. So what brought that on?

The odd thing about this is that everyone seems to be suffering from the same thing at the same time. It's odd because as far as I'm aware the middle of the summer isn't traditionally the season in which the workload suddenly gets elephantine on one's ass... It's traditionally the season when everyone goes on holiday.

So why is this malaise affecting almost everyone I know? It's almost as if the Earth is passing through another cloud of what in the past I've referred to as psychic weather. There's very probably nothing to it, but I have observed that sometimes everyone you know seems to be going through similar experiences. Back at the beginning of the nineties when the whole world was going through massive changes it seemed as if the “good” political changes were being balanced out by everyone having a really miserable time personally. Shame the reverse isn't true – as what with all the wars and violence going on at the moment we should be having the time of our lives personally.

But that's not the only case of psychic weather I can come up with. Running alongside the current busyness plague seems to be a communication breakdown – people are generally too busy to phone, email, write or text as much as usual. Inboxes lie empty, disturbed only by the spam tumbleweed blowing through their deserted streets, offering inexpensive AmjBIjEN, CijALjIS,VIjAGjRA and VajLIjUM, stock market tips and cheap Rolex watches.

We might say it's the effect of Mercury being retrograde, but (a) we don't believe in all that astrology stuff - or do we? - and (b) Mercury stopped being retrograde at the end of July. In truth it's very probably a side effect of the busyness plague – we're all too overloaded to get in touch with each other.

So that's what I can blame for not having written this earlier. Although if I had written it earlier I wouldn't have had anything to write about, which sounds a little paradoxical. However, now that I have written this, does it mean that the storm is clearing? Or is this just me venturing out in the communicational equivalent of a kagoul and gumboots? Only time will tell.


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