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This isn't really a blog entry, more an aide memoire for myself just so I know what went on whilst I was away and when. And why.

Arrived Tuesday evening (18 April) after almost 24 hours solid travel. Stayed awake at Samantha's until 1am, and so forced my bodyclock into the new timezone...

Wednesday went with Mark and the kids to Darcene and Gordon's. Gordon gave me a lift to Samantha's work around lunchtime.Met her for lunch. Spent the afternoon wandering around Hollywood Boulevard, meeting Samantha again as she finished work.

Thursday. Mark dropped me off in Griffith Park around mid-day or late morning. Spent the next few hours walking around the park which apparently contains rattlesnakes and mountain lions. I didn't see any although I did see a lizard and a scarab beetle.

Walked all the way out of the park down to Los Feliz and then got buses back to S&M's house. Chilled out for the rest of the evening (well it had been a long walk).

Friday. Got bus to meet Samantha @ her work circa lunchtime. She drove me to Culver City, where I went to see the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Very strange. A spoof? An art installation in the form of a museum? A russian doll in the shape of a man?

Bussed back to Santa Monica/Highland and met Samantha @home time again.

Saturday. Wednesday & Alex's swimming lessons at Hollywood YMCA followed by Wednesday's birthday visit to the Build-a-Bear Workshop (clever toyshop concept whereby children pick out, stuff and dress their soft toys and parents probably end up paying more than they had originally anticipated). To Darceen and Goirdon's after that for the afternoon evening, then met Ed at the Hotel Cafe - a gig venue to see singer Leigh Nash. Afterwards we popped into Amoeba Records and then had a drink at the Cat and Fiddle.

Here endeth the first part.

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