Halfway across the Atlantic and that roar is beginning to get to me for some reason. It’s somehow more than just the noise of the engines, it’s a symptom of sudden change, I’m passing though a transition between states, not just from one country to another but from regular life to holiday life. Even if this is only going to be a short one.

Of course this doesn’t just happen with planes. I experience a similar phase shift if I catch a train up to London after work – the change from work being to play being. But on planes it lasts much longer and that’s why it’s more noticeable. Miles up in a metal tube.

The Man in Seat 41 AThe person in front of me is one of those – you know the type, they recline their seat back as far as it will go and then some at the first opportunity. I wonder how he’d react if I suddenly whacked him on the top of the head? Best not to I think.

Newfoundland has appeared on the left hand side of the animated flight path just as Ireland’s disappeared off the right.

ETA 3 hours 28 minutes. Ground speed 466MPH, outside temperature –50 degrees C. About to enter an area of “moderate turbulence”, we have to remain in our seats... hmm maybe I shouldn’t have finally started watching Lost a couple of years after everyone else last month.