Fall OutAfter another breakfast which was in no way, shape or form in line with my dietary regime back in the UK, I set off for another day’s wandering about. I hadn’t gone out the previous night, but I figure I’m on holiday. I don’t have to do anything. In some ways this trip is just reconnaissance. I’m sure I’ll be back.

Being Sunday morning the streets were deserted, which was interesting. I headed across to the Flatiron Building and then down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square. Then it was east, north and east again for a while until I found myself in East Village in general and St Mark’s Place in particular.

Grafitti Wall
What was interesting about this walk was that even though the geography of the streets is fairly scientific, the character of these areas varies wildly. These changes continued as my route into Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, SoHo and finally the edges of The Meatpacking District (I kid you not).

Here I visited Cathy’s cousin Susan who lives on the top floor of a small block of flats in the implausibly but wonderfully named Bleecker Street. After that, back to the hostel, where I am now. Evening beckons.

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