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It's been over two months since my last post. I have no excuse really other than that I've been busy what with one thing and another. Plus I've never been that keen on documenting the minutiae of my life, nor the personal stuff. This is why this thing only gets updated when I'm actually doing something interesting or when I've got something to complain about.

In the year or so since I've been posting here there have been a fair few rants. I thought I'd get myself back into the swing of the blog by following up on some of them - seeing if there have been any developments as it were.

Inspectors, pointlessness of (5 May 2006)

This has now become a little outdated as there's no longer a flat fare. That said I haven't seen any inspectors for a while, either.

Cyclepathic tendencies (17 May 2006)

Where do I begin? I've continued to cycle to work on a regular basis, so have a million things to add to my list of gripes. Here are just some of them.

A cycle path is not:
  • Somewhere for the drivers of juggernauts to rest their nearside wheels when thundering up the road at 70mph
  • Overflow for the pavement on busy roads
  • A hard shoulder for A roads
  • Extra bus stop maneuvering area
  • A safe zone for pedestrians to stand in when waiting to cross the road
A cycle path is
  • For bikes
The strange world of anthropomorphic vehicles (31 May 2006)

Sadly, these weird posters have now been replaced by far more sensible - and boring - ones. Boo.

The things they say (27 June 2006)

Some more verbal tics I've noticed that give me pause for thought.

"So I turned round and said..." This is often repeated throughout an anecdote. I usually envision the narrator spinning like a top. Why do they keep turning round?

"I'm not being rotten, but..." Usually means "prepare to be insulted".

"I have to say..." Well, say it or don't say it, but why say that you have to say it?

That's about it for the moment. More updates later, and who knows, maybe something new. I am in Edinburgh at the moment after all.

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