Billy No-Blogs

For some reason I have been unable to blog this year aside from that one in January which was, basically, just me going on about something in the same way as I would if it came up in conversation in the pub.

It's not that I haven't been trying. I have in fact started writing several entries but they all petered out before reaching a publishable state and have ended up abandoned in the drafts folder gathering virtual dust as they slowly become less and less relevant.

The one about how we were all Ferengi now which led to the one about how I enjoyed Deep Space Nine the most of all the Star Trek series. The one about the brain's remarkable talent for pattern recognition which could probably explain so much about the human experience if only I could finish it. The one about how arbitrary so called "round numbers" are when you come to think of it. The one about anthropomorphising things. All these entries will be lost in time like tears in rain... if I leave them sitting there on the blog shelf because I can't be bothered to get off my digital backside.

I am not sure why I have been so unbloggish this year. It's true I've been busy but then again I have definitely been busier in past years. After all I don't have a day job now - previously I would have had to fit in all the freelance work, bass playing and writing around spending ten hours a day at or on my way to and from my place of work. So in theory I have more time even if I have less money. There should be blogs coming out of my ears not to mention numerous short stories and novel drafts. I should have been able to use this free time to swot up on all the latest in web design and development in order to hone my freelance skills all the better to get more work.

And yet I haven't.

I can't quite work out why. There was a massive glitch in my plans when I discovered that I had to move from my home of twelve years but I've done that now. There isn't quite enough freelance work yet and yet what there is seems to take up all my time. I'm not sitting around watching day time TV - if anything I am watching less TV than ever. I'm not staying up that late either. While must admit I am not forcing myself to bed by 10.30 or 11pm as I used to do when in a day job I'm still in bed by midnight most nights. And while I am no longer getting up at 6.30am to get the bus by 7.00am to get into work by 8.00am it's not as if I was doing anything particularly useful in that first ninety minutes anyway.

It seems that on some level life expands to fill the time available. I am sure there must be a solution to this conundrum - probably to force myself to start doing all these things that I imagine will make life more fulfilling in the hope that the act of doing them will stretch time to accommodate them. It seems that the forcing is the thing that is important. I can start by forcing myself to write a blog - this will do.

And once I have started doing things despite an imagined lack of time then no doubt I will find great vistas of extra time opening up to me.  So I am going to do things anyway. For example I am going to do this. I am going to finish this blog and then publish it. Then I am going to do some more work on something to do with the various web and graphic design jobs I have in my mental "to-do" folder. Then I am going to get a relatively early night and therefore a relatively early morning so I can get a relatively early start in the morning

Who knows if it all goes well maybe I will write another blog tomorrow.

But don't hold your breath.


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